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Crx4Chrome includes 4 extensions from the developer

Jon Sabo's Workfront Task Time Checker crx 1.71 for Chrome

Jon Sabo's Workfront Task Time Checker

About: Highlights entry when "Task Time" isn't selected. Not affiliated with workfront....

Alt-Tag Overlay crx 0.6 for Chrome

Alt-Tag Overlay

About: Display an overlay of alt tags overtop images...

Gmail Attachments-To-Top crx 1.3 for Chrome

Gmail Attachments-To-Top

About: Small tweaks to gmail. Creates an button prompting user to move attachments to top. Sets email images widths to max-width:100%...

Mavenlink TimeAdder crx 1.3 for Chrome

Mavenlink TimeAdder

About: Adds time on the timesheet page daily, and gives you a week total....