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Crx4Chrome includes 5 extensions from the developer fatalis.erratum.

Github Forcetabsize crx 0.1.1 for Chrome New!

Github Forcetabsize

About: Force a custom tab size in GitHub code viewer....

Normal Tab Size crx 1.0.1 for Chrome New!

Normal Tab Size

About: Set the default tab-size CSS property to 2 in every page (especially in GitHub)...

GitHub Source Code Minimap crx 1.1.2 for Chrome

GitHub Source Code Minimap

About: Adds a minimap to GitHub's source code viewer...

Mangoext crx 0.5.0 for Chrome


About: A revolution in mango technology...

WT Map crx 0.2.6 for Chrome

WT Map

About: Adds custom icons and centering on player to the War Thunder browser map....