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Crx4Chrome includes 10 extensions from the developer

Category Tabs for Google Keep crx 19.2.0 for Chrome

Category Tabs for Google Keep

About: Better organise your Google Keep notes...

Black Menu for Google crx 25.15.0 for Chrome

Black Menu for Google

About: The easiest access to the Google universe...

Shortcuts for Google crx 25.5.0 for Chrome

Shortcuts for Google

About: Choose from 1000+ Google™ shortcuts to show up as buttons in a space-saving popup...

G App Launcher crx 25.5.0 for Chrome

G App Launcher

About: The best access to Google™ Services and Websites...

Black Menu for Wikipedia crx 5.14.0 for Chrome

Black Menu for Wikipedia

About: Easy access to the Wikipedia universe...

Ink for Google crx 11.1.0 for Chrome

Ink for Google

About: Get your favourite Google sites a new coat of paint. Update their look with Material Design...

Jeurissen Search crx 1.1.0 for Chrome New!

Jeurissen Search

About: This extension replaces your new tab page with the ability to search on several search engines in an ultra secure way....

Pesos Clipboard crx 1.6.0 for Chrome New!

Pesos Clipboard

About: Just click the extension icon to copy the pesos symbol....

Disabler for Hangouts crx 2.2.0 for Chrome

Disabler for Hangouts

About: This extension disables Hangouts on Google+, Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Inbox...

Black Bar Removal crx 7.2.10 for Chrome

Black Bar Removal

About: The extension hides the Black Bar on Google websites. This extension has since been replaced by Ink for Google:…...