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Document Studio 97 for Google Sheets

Document Studio

Create documents in PDF or any format with Google Sheets or Google Forms. Includes Mail Merge, File Sharing and Google Cloud Print...

Twitter Archiver 42 for Google Sheets

Twitter Archiver

Search Twitter for any keyword or hashtag and save the matching tweets in a Google Sheet. Twitter archiver runs in the background....

Email Address Extractor 48 for Google Sheets

Email Address Extractor

Extract email addresses and names from Gmail. It finds emails in the message body, subject, TO, CC, BCC, FROM and ReplyTo fields....

Mail Merge with Attachments 381 for Google Sheets

Mail Merge with Attachments

Send personalized mass emails with Gmail, schedule emails, insert different attachments for each recipient, add emojis, track opens....

Save Emails and Attachments 116 for Google Sheets

Save Emails and Attachments

Download and backup email messages and attachments from Gmail to Google Drive and Team Drives. Emails are archived as PDF files....

Email Spreadsheets 16 for Google Sheets

Email Spreadsheets

Send Google Sheets by email on a recurring schedule in PDF, CSV, Excel format. Embed partial sheet ranges as HTML tables in email....