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Crx4Chrome includes 13 extensions from the developer

Merge Sheets crx 38 for Google Sheets

Merge Sheets

About: Combine two Google sheets based on common columns....

Remove Duplicates crx 87 for Google Sheets

Remove Duplicates

About: Find, highlight, combine, and remove duplicates in Google Sheets...

Merge Values crx 36 for Google Sheets

Merge Values

About: Combine columns, rows, or ranges of data and preserve original values....

Split Names crx 35 for Google Sheets

Split Names

About: Split name in a cell into multiple cells and auto-detect its parts...

Combine Sheets crx 19 for Google Sheets

Combine Sheets

About: Combine data from multiple sheets into one sheet...

Power Tools crx 61 for Google Sheets

Power Tools

About: Set of 30+ tools for daily tasks: change case; sum by color; remove duplicates; split, merge, compare, find, clean up data and more....

Random Generator crx 41 for Google Sheets

Random Generator

About: Generate random passwords, numbers, custom values, booleans or dates according to your criteria...

Advanced Find and Replace crx 39 for Google Sheets

Advanced Find and Replace

About: Search in values, formulas, notes, hyperlinks in all sheets at once. Get the list with the found entries and replace them in a click...

Find Fuzzy Matches crx 15 for Google Sheets

Find Fuzzy Matches

About: This helpful add-on scans your sheet for typos and lets you correct them in seconds....

Table Styles crx 20 for Google Sheets

Table Styles

About: Apply a uniform style to your tables in one click, add your own custom style templates....