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Publisher: 4johng

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Extensions or Apps Offered by 4johng

Crx4Chrome includes 8 extensions from the developer 4johng.

Vinyl and Octavia duet crx 1 for Chrome

Vinyl and Octavia duet

About: Vinyl and Octavia playing a duet the only way they can. :)...

Queen Chrysalis crx 1 for Chrome

Queen Chrysalis

About: A theme dedicated to the queen of Changelings....

Derpy's Creed crx 1 for Chrome

Derpy's Creed

About: An Assassin's Creed/ Derpy Hooves theme....

Vinyl Scratch Beat crx 1 for Chrome

Vinyl Scratch Beat

About: Vinyl Scratch makes the best beats....

Fallout Equestria crx 1 for Chrome

Fallout Equestria

About: A Fallout Equestria theme....

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon crx 1 for Chrome

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

About: A chrome theme of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon....

Ahri crx 1 for Chrome


About: A Chrome theme in tribute to Ahri, the Nine tailed Fox from League of Legends....

Horsepowered Chrome crx 1 for Chrome

Horsepowered Chrome

About: Yeeeeah! Enough said....