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Crx4Chrome includes 13 extensions from the developer joue.quroi.

Text Encryption Tool crx 0.2.4 for Chrome

Text Encryption Tool

About: Encrypt, decrypt, store, and sync textual data using SHA-256 Hash algorithm...

Spoof Timezone crx 0.3.4 for Chrome

Spoof Timezone

About: This extension alters browser timezone to a random or user-defined value....

Auto Tab Discard crx for Chrome

Auto Tab Discard

About: Increase browser speed and reduce memory load when you have numerous open tabs....

Edit with Notepad++ crx 0.2.1 for Chrome

Edit with Notepad++

About: Edit content of text area elements, or inner and outer HTML of node elements in Notepad++ text editor with real-time updates...

Spoof Geolocation crx 0.2.2 for Chrome New!

Spoof Geolocation

About: This extension alters browser Geolocation latitude and longitude to user-defined values...

Adjust Screen Brightness crx 0.2.5 for Chrome

Adjust Screen Brightness

About: Control your browser's global screen brightness to use sites that do not support the native dark theme...

Download with FlashGet crx 0.2.0 for Chrome

Download with FlashGet

About: Optionally send your downloading jobs to the well-known FlashGetâ„¢ download manager...

Self-Destructing Cookies crx 0.2.0 for Chrome

Self-Destructing Cookies

About: Delete cookies when browser is closed or once the tab is closed to prevent tracking...

HTML Format Cleaner crx 0.2.2 for Chrome

HTML Format Cleaner

About: Clear HTML formattings such as bold, italic, foreground, and background colors, then copy as plain text or replace the node...

Cookie Editor crx 0.2.0 for Chrome

Cookie Editor

About: Edit cookies related to the current page and all its CORS frames right from the popup interface...