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App Count: 15

Publisher: Kunihiro Andou

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Extensions or Apps Offered by Kunihiro Andou

Crx4Chrome includes 15 extensions from the developer Kunihiro Andou.

Keyboard Control crx 9.4 for Chrome

Keyboard Control

About: Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control. Vim like bindings....

Simple Drag & Drop Search crx 5.7 for Chrome

Simple Drag & Drop Search

About: Simple Drag & Drop Search...

BBC Radio Tuner crx 7.0 for Chrome

BBC Radio Tuner

About: BBC Radio Tuner...

Tidy Bookmarks crx 2.5 for Chrome

Tidy Bookmarks

About: Tidy Bookmarks...

Tidy Sidebar crx 5.2 for Chrome

Tidy Sidebar

About: Tidy Sidebar...

Tidy Bookmarks Tree crx 2.8 for Chrome

Tidy Bookmarks Tree

About: Tidy Bookmarks Tree...

Script Blocker for Chrome crx 4.0 for Chrome

Script Blocker for Chrome

About: This extension allows JavaScript execution only for trusted domains of your choice...

Multi Link Opener crx 4.3 for Chrome

Multi Link Opener

About: Multi Link Opener...

Script Menu crx 4.6 for Chrome

Script Menu

About: Executing a script from right click context menu...

Simple Bookmarks crx 16.6 for Chrome

Simple Bookmarks

About: Simple Bookmarks...