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Crx4Chrome includes 18 extensions from the developer rynu.smith.

Page Grid Ruler crx 0.1.2 for Chrome

Page Grid Ruler

About: Draw a grid view, get page dimensions in pixel (px) unit and draw a rule...

Open in Yandex browser crx 0.2.0 for Chrome

Open in Yandex browser

About: Open current page, link, or all tabs in the Yandex browser....

Edit with Sublime Text crx 0.2.4 for Chrome

Edit with Sublime Text

About: Live editing text and HTML content of the page with the Sublime Text from the page context or DevTools....

Convert Gmail to PDF (Locally) crx 0.3.5 for Chrome

Convert Gmail to PDF (Locally)

About: Convert your emails to PDF format on offline mode (without a server interaction; secure and private) to backup your emails...

Open in IE crx 0.3.3 for Chrome

Open in IE

About: Send HTML links and webpages directly to the Internet Explorer browser without copy and paste!...

Open in MS Edge crx 0.3.3 for Chrome

Open in MS Edge

About: Send current page's link or all tabs to Microsoft Edge browser or define optional left-click opening rules....

Block Site crx 0.5.0 for Chrome

Block Site

About: A customizable, password-protected website blocker and redirector....

User-Agent Switcher and Manager crx 0.5.0 for Chrome

User-Agent Switcher and Manager

About: Spoof websites trying to gather information about your web navigation to deliver distinct content you may not want...

GIF Blocker crx 0.2.1 for Chrome

GIF Blocker

About: Block GIF and WebP animation images on HTML pages to reduce bandwidth and resource usage...

Open in PDF Reader crx 0.3.2 for Chrome

Open in PDF Reader

About: Send PDF links directly to your favorite PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader...