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Crx4Chrome includes 5 extensions from the developer

XSLT Tester crx 1.0.2 for Chrome New!

XSLT Tester

About: XSLT test utility that supports XSLT 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0....

Pretty Js crx 1.0.12 for Chrome

Pretty Js

About: Pretty print your Javascript and JSON. Format your code for easier reading. Convert between XML and JSON....

Discount Calculator crx 1.1.6 for Chrome

Discount Calculator

About: A basic caculator that also allows you to calculate common price discounts and tips with a single click....

Color Picker crx 2.0.3 for Chrome

Color Picker

About: Build a personalized color palette, select colors from webpages with the eyedropper, create color scales, and blend colors...

Email Paste crx 1.2 for Chrome

Email Paste

About: Paste Your Email address into web forms....