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App Count: 9

Publisher: Hristiyan Dodov

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Extensions or Apps Offered by Hristiyan Dodov

Crx4Chrome includes 9 extensions from the developer Hristiyan Dodov.

Rundown crx 1.0.3 for Chrome New!


About: Your tasks, easily managed in the new-tab page....

Conveuro crx 1.2.1 for Chrome


About: Instantly convert currencies with a simple text selection....

Scroll Alert crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Scroll Alert

About: Warns you of horizontal scrollbars and helps you debug them....

Relog crx 1.0.3 for Chrome


About: PHP logs in your shell and Chrome DevTools...

Font Localization for Google Fonts crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Font Localization for Google Fonts

About: Forces glyph rendering for a specific language in Google Fonts....

Pricepeek crx 0.5.6 for Chrome


About: Compare prices of the same product across all Amazon locales...

Neat Messages for Gmail crx 2.0.2 for Chrome

Neat Messages for Gmail

About: Improves the readibility of plain text Gmail messages by putting them in a neat container....

Smiley Caret: Text to Emoji crx 1.1.1 for Chrome

Smiley Caret: Text to Emoji

About: Turns emoticons :) to emoji 🙂 and provides lookup directly in the input field you’re typing in....

Twitter Sanitizer crx 1.1 for Chrome

Twitter Sanitizer

About: Improve your Twitter experience by hiding different features....