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Crx4Chrome includes 5 extensions from the developer

Controls for Instagram Videos crx 1.30 for Chrome

Controls for Instagram Videos

About: Adds video playback controls to Instagram videos embedded in web pages (seek bar, volume, play/pause, download video button)....

Controls for Youtube crx 1.35 for Chrome

Controls for Youtube

About: Quickly seek Youtube video playback forwards and backwards by either 3 or 15 seconds....

Hide Incognito Mode crx 1.10 for Chrome

Hide Incognito Mode

About: This extension helps you avoid some incognito mode detection methods, allowing you to view certain web pages in incognito mode....

Universal Video Player Controls crx 1.4 for Chrome

Universal Video Player Controls

About: This extension lets you quickly seek video playback forwards and backwards....

Instagram Controls crx 1.1 for Chrome

Instagram Controls

About: Adds video playback controls (seek bar, volume / mute, play/pause, video download button) to Instagram Embedded Videos in web pages....