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App Count: 29

Publisher: bettersearchtools

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Extensions or Apps Offered by bettersearchtools

Crx4Chrome includes 29 extensions from the developer bettersearchtools.

betterMovies Search crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

betterMovies Search

About: betterMovies Search...

Safe Browsing crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

Safe Browsing

About: Safe Browsing...

Internet Privacy crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

Internet Privacy

About: Internet Privacy...

bestMovies Search Plus crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

bestMovies Search Plus

About: bestMovies Search Plus is a powerful search engine, offering you a variety of unique features and search tools....

securePrivacy crx 3.0.0 for Chrome


About: securePrivacy...

onlinePrivacy crx 3.0.0 for Chrome


About: onlinePrivacy...

betterSportTV Search crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

betterSportTV Search

About: betterSportTV Search...

browsePrivately crx 3.0.0 for Chrome


About: browsePrivately...

Movies World crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

Movies World

About: Get easy access to movie and TV content. When you install Movies World, your default search engine becomes Yahoo!...

goPlay Search crx 3.0.0 for Chrome

goPlay Search

About: goPlay Search...