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Publisher: BeastPansy

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Crx4Chrome includes 16 extensions from the developer BeastPansy.

Fall Block 1.0 for Chrome

Fall Block

Fall Block theme is inspired by its Android Mobile Game equivalent. You can find the mobile game here:…...

Nova 1.0 for Chrome


Starcraft 2 inspired theme. Built around the Ghost Nova. Light blues, whites, and grey color scheme. HD Resolution: 1920 x 1080…...

Jim Raynor Skull 1.1 for Chrome

Jim Raynor Skull

Jim Raynor with his mask down. Simple theme of blues and greys with Jim Raynor in the background. Starcraft 2 HD Resolution:…...

Terran 1.0 for Chrome


Simple Terran Theme. Red, Black, and Grey as your basic color scheme. Starcraft 2 HD Resolution:1920 x 1080 Another great theme…...

Moonlit Reflection 1.0 for Chrome

Moonlit Reflection

BeastPansy Theme: Moonlit Reflection...

Hydralisk 1.0 for Chrome


Angry Hydralisk! Trick out your chrome theme with one of Zerg's most feared unit, that also received a nice boost in the latest…...

Root4Root Gaming SCII Team 1.0 for Chrome

Root4Root Gaming SCII Team

RootCatz created this amazing background, highlighting many of the Major Starcraft II teams. This theme is of course mainstreamed…...

Zeratul 1.0 for Chrome


Zeratul from Starcraft 2. Epic close up shot of the sage Dark Templar. This theme features a strong green, purple, and black color…...

Winter's Tale 1.0 for Chrome

Winter's Tale

BeastPansy Theme: A Winter's Tale...

Abstract Lights 1.0 for Chrome

Abstract Lights

This theme features some cool abstract lighting. Has lots of colors. Green, yellow, blue, pink. If it does not fit, try changing…...