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Crx4Chrome includes 20 extensions from the developer

Green Stripe crx 1.2 for Chrome

Green Stripe

About: Green striped theme. Also available in blue & violet stripes. As always, don't forget you can resize the image on your homescreen…...

SophisticatBlue crx 1 for Chrome


About: Blue & Yellow version of my simple Sophisticat kitty cat theme. Pleasing slate blue shades on the toolbar, homepage features a…...

Slate_Mod crx 1.1 for Chrome


About: A modern art/retro-inspired theme. Lively but not overpowering slate blue gradient background with pops of yellow and orange.…...

Original Gray Birdcage Theme crx 4 for Chrome

Original Gray Birdcage Theme

About: Sleek little theme featuring a warm grey backdrop with crisp white birdcages and black birds with blue teal and pink feathers. The…...

Sleepy Kitty crx 1 for Chrome

Sleepy Kitty

About: A chill and mellow theme inspired my by sweet cat. Light blue and khaki theming with ball of yarn on frame, sleeping kitty sketch…...

Cozy Owl crx 3.1 for Chrome

Cozy Owl

About: A midnight blue theme with paper cutouts of stars and a friendly owl on the homepage. As always, don't forget you can resize the…...

Whitney crx 1 for Chrome


About: This sleek theme features Whitney the cat. The frame is an easy to read cream to brown color with a pop of her blue-green eye in…...

paisley_e crx 1 for Chrome


About: A simple and delicate white-gray paisley theme perfect for winter or any season. This original paisley was created entirely by…...

Harvest_Paisley crx 1 for Chrome


About: A lovely paisley pattern in autumn or fall colors, 70s or harvest tones, with a beautifully muted frame. Perfect for all seasons....

Honey & Red Paper Cranes II crx 1 for Chrome

Honey & Red Paper Cranes II

About: Red and tan cream honey colored paper crane pattern on a black background. More colors and sizes available. As always, don't forget…...