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Crx4Chrome includes 20 extensions from the developer

Retroverload crx 1 for Chrome


About: A retro theme with neon colors featuring sunglasses and cassette tapes. The homepage is grayscale (so not to blind you) but the…...

Violet Stripe crx 1.1 for Chrome

Violet Stripe

About: Shades of violet, purple, magenta and gray in clean vertical stripes. Also available in green and blue. As always, don't forget you…...

Orange crx 1 for Chrome


About: A bright and fresh citrus theme perfect for spring or summer and family friendly! Based on a simple orange slice, this theme is…...

Bird Cage Black & Pink crx 1 for Chrome

Bird Cage Black & Pink

About: Another color variation on my birds birdcage theme. Don't forget you can resize the image on your homescreen with cmd +/- or ctrl…...

Spring Flowers crx 1 for Chrome

Spring Flowers

About: A fresh and beautiful theme that captures bright white and pink flowers in a natural background. The toolbar features a lighter…...

Blue Stripe crx 1 for Chrome

Blue Stripe

About: A cool blue & gray stripe pattern. Also available in green and violet. As always, don't forget you can resize the image on your…...

Winter Window crx 1.3 for Chrome

Winter Window

About: A winter theme with white paper cut-out snowflakes against a cool blue background. The toolbar is a crisp white with snowflakes…...

Black White & Lime Cranes crx 1 for Chrome

Black White & Lime Cranes

About: White & lime green paper cranes on a dark gray background. More colors and sizes available. As always, don't forget you can resize…...

hummingbird_kaleidoscope crx 1 for Chrome


About: A beautifully colored kaleidoscope of hummingbirds just in time for spring. Featuring emerald greens, royal blues, as well and…...

Floral Hummingbird crx 1 for Chrome

Floral Hummingbird

About: Layers of delicate pink flowers surround a mosaic-style hummingbird. Light and feminine, this wallpaper will add a touch of spring…...