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Moon crx 1.0 for Chrome


About: Simple and very lite, black and white theme of the moon. It should work for all resolutions. Thanks for downloading..dont forget…...

Lighthouse crx 1.0 for Chrome


About: A view of a lighthouse in beautiful morning sunlight coming through the cloud over the waters. Thanks for downloading...and dont…...

Tree and Sunset crx 1.1 for Chrome

Tree and Sunset

About: A serene theme of a beautiful country side. A lone tree with sun setting over the beautiful snow capped mountains in the…...

Drift Wood crx 1.0 for Chrome

Drift Wood

About: Beautiful sun setting over the ocean with a tree trunk washed up on the beach...very serene..very beautiful Thanks for…...

Flaming Guitar crx 1.0 for Chrome

Flaming Guitar

About: A nice guitar riff or play can light up the dark or something symbolic like that. Love it...hate it..either way love to hear from…...

Liverpool crx 1.0 for Chrome


About: This is a theme for all you Liverpool FC fans out there. Its the anthem of Liverpool Football Club and the words "You'll Never Walk…...

Horses crx 1.0 for Chrome


About: Not many horse themes here, so made one for all the horse lovers out there. Dont forget to for resolution 1366x768.....

On the edge crx 1.0 for Chrome

On the edge

About: Nice black and white shot of the ocean. Very mild colored theme..easy on the eyes.. Love it...hate it..either way love to hear…...

Bridge crx 1.0 for Chrome


About: Beautiful bridge theme....

Tree crx 1.0 for Chrome


About: A simple black and white theme of tree on the banks of a river with beautiful hills in the back ground. The resolution is for… A…...