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Crx4Chrome includes 26 extensions from the developer https://playzool.com/games/donerKebabSTO.

Doner Kebab : lettuce, tomato, onion crx 2.0 for Chrome

Doner Kebab : lettuce, tomato, onion

About: Take control of your restaurant and make a maximum of meal as fast as you can!...

Mahjong Deluxe 2 crx 2.0 for Chrome

Mahjong Deluxe 2

About: Rediscover a great classic with Mahjong Deluxe 2...

Maya Brick Breaker crx 2.0 for Chrome

Maya Brick Breaker

About: Will you dare challenge this difficult brick-breaker game?...

Rocket Jump crx 1.0 for Chrome

Rocket Jump

About: An adventure full of bounce in a fantasy world...

Saturday Night Linker crx 1.0 for Chrome

Saturday Night Linker

About: Go back to the disco era with the puzzle game: Saturday Night Linker...

Sumo Party crx 1.0 for Chrome

Sumo Party

About: Play with your friend and become the master of Sumo...

Forest Jump crx 2.0 for Chrome

Forest Jump

About: An adventure full of bounce in an extraordinary forest...

Mexican Wrestler Superstars crx 1.0 for Chrome

Mexican Wrestler Superstars

About: Test your reflexes and become the champion of Mexican Wrestlers...

Sheep Party : 1-4 players crx 1.0 for Chrome

Sheep Party : 1-4 players

About: Up to 4 players on the same screen. A perfect game for party with friends...

Rock, Paper, Scissor crx 3.0 for Chrome

Rock, Paper, Scissor

About: Muster up your courage and defy the only opponent strong enough for you...