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Extensions or Apps Offered by Jacob "kurtextrem" Groß

Crx4Chrome includes 12 extensions from the developer Jacob "kurtextrem" Groß.

Layoutify crx 3.12.2 for Chrome


About: The layout of is not optimized for the desktop. This extension improves this....

Full Notification Mails For Gmail crx for Chrome New!

Full Notification Mails For Gmail

About: Shows Facebook email notifications completely in Gmail™....

Native Lazy Tabs crx 0.8 for Chrome New!

Native Lazy Tabs

About: Automatically discards all tabs at startup, before they load, reducing memory footprint and unnecessary bandwidth usage....

Tabbie Updated crx 1.0.3 for Chrome

Tabbie Updated

About: The missing tab manager for Chrome, updated for the latest Chrome version....

Message Counter for Gmail crx 1.3.3 for Chrome

Message Counter for Gmail

About: Shows the mail count of the conversation next to the scrollbar in Gmail™....

Eye Care Notification crx 1.2.0 for Chrome

Eye Care Notification

About: Reminds you to look away from your screen every 20min (customizable)....

Auto Expander for Gmail crx for Chrome

Auto Expander for Gmail

About: Automatically expands too long mails in Gmail™....

Stop Autoplay for Youtube Extended crx 4.1.1 for Chrome

Stop Autoplay for Youtube Extended

About: Stops autoplay on YouTube™. Extended: Starts the video when you focus the tab. Don't like? Use the version without 'Extended'....

Stop Autoplay for Youtube crx 4.1.0 for Chrome

Stop Autoplay for Youtube

About: Eases your YouTube™ experience through stopping the autoplay. This version doesn't automatically start Videos....

PlanetSide 2 Alerts crx 1.1.1 for Chrome

PlanetSide 2 Alerts

About: Easy overview over PlanetSide2 Alerts in Chrome....