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Crx4Chrome includes 11 extensions from the developer

Show My IP Addresses (External and Local) crx 0.7.4 for Chrome

Show My IP Addresses (External and Local)

About: This extension shows the external&internal IP addresses when you click the extension icon.

Simple Video Download Helper crx 3.0.25 for Chrome

Simple Video Download Helper

About: Simple Video Download Helper (doesn't work on

Simple Snake Game crx 1.2 for Chrome

Simple Snake Game

About: Classic Snake Game in Your Browser...

Simple QR Code crx 1.3.3 for Chrome

Simple QR Code

About: Offline QR Code Generator/Editor (URL and Text)...

Job Tools crx for Chrome

Job Tools

About: Find a Job - Job Search - Job Finder...

Logo Turtle Graphics crx 0.0.18 for Chrome

Logo Turtle Graphics

About: The Logo Programming (Turtle Graphics) in Chrome Extension....

Coin Tools crx 0.0.18 for Chrome

Coin Tools

About: A Chrome Extension that has a few useful tools and graphs for Cryptocurrency...

简体繁体拼音广东话转换 Simplified/Traditional Chinese crx 0.18 for Chrome

简体繁体拼音广东话转换 Simplified/Traditional Chinese

About: Convert Automatically to Chinese (Pinyin, Cantonese GB2312 and BIG5)...

Steem Tools crx 0.0.14 for Chrome

Steem Tools

About: This is a Chrome Extension that has a few SteemIt Tools....

Utopian Moderator & Supervisor crx 0.0.13 for Chrome

Utopian Moderator & Supervisor

About: This is a Chrome Extension that is specifically for Utopian Moderator & Supervisor....