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Crx4Chrome includes 7 extensions from the developer

Vikings: War of Clans crx for Chrome

Vikings: War of Clans

About: Lead an army of fierce Vikings to glory!...

Nords: Heroes of the North crx 1.0.0 for Chrome

Nords: Heroes of the North

About: The Ice Queen cometh! Do you have what it takes to defend ShingÄrd from its chilliest threat yet...

Sparta: War of Empires crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Sparta: War of Empires

About: Destiny calls. Will you die a wretched slave, or stand firm as a hero...

Soldiers Inc. crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Soldiers Inc.

About: Brutal mercenary warfare, bleeding-edge technology, no holds barred...

Total Domination crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Total Domination

About: Carve out an empire from the Wasteland...

Stormfall: Age of War crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Stormfall: Age of War

About: By sword, spell and bow, become the greatest ruler of Stormfall...

Pirates: Tides of Fortune crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

About: Set sail for glory, riches and adventure in this swashbuckling MMO...