Recommended Extensions for Google Chrome

Recommended Apps for Google Chrome

Latest Apps, Games and Extensions for Google Chrome

Updated! LearnDash Analytics crx 12 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

LearnDash Analytics CRX 12

Editor's word: Analyse Learndash course and learner's activity easily. You need to install a Learndash Analytics WordPress plugin to your site.

Updated! SEOMango crx 35 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

SEOMango CRX 35

Editor's word: Weekly website traffic reporting, bulk 404 URL checker & add UTM parameters to URLs. Automate marketing analytics and improve SEO..

Updated! Employee Onboarding App crx 20 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Employee Onboarding App CRX 20

Editor's word: This Google sheets add-on automates sending an offer letter to candidates & adding them to online tools..

Updated! Shift Scheduler crx 263 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Shift Scheduler CRX 263

Editor's word: Use a spreadsheet to manage your institutional schedule, and let Shift Scheduler automatically manage each user's Google Calendar!.

Updated! ObservePoint Labs crx 165 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

ObservePoint Labs CRX 165

Editor's word: A collection of tools interacting with the ObservePoint and Adobe Analytics APIs..

Updated! Data connector for Salesforce crx 22 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Data connector for Salesforce CRX 22

Editor's word: Import reports or custom data queries from Salesforce into Sheets, or make changes to Salesforce directly from Sheets..

Updated! G-Accon for XERO crx 96 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

G-Accon for XERO CRX 96

Editor's word: Work with your live Xero accounting data and reports directly from Google Spreadsheets..

Updated! Sheets to Reddit crx 26 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Sheets to Reddit CRX 26

Editor's word: Turns Google Sheets ranges into tables that can be posted on Reddit..

Updated! Form Workflow Plus Add-on crx 85 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Form Workflow Plus Add-on CRX 85

Editor's word: Multi-level Approval Workflow in Google Sheets. Start Workflow in a Google Form. Each Reviewer gets his own approval dashboard.

Updated! Gopher crx 224 for Chrome (Education App)

Gopher CRX 224

Editor's word: Gopher for Chrome allows Chrome device data to be imported, filtered, analyzed. Update, deprovision, or disable/enable from Sheets..