Recommended Extensions for Google Chrome

Recommended Apps for Google Chrome

Latest Apps, Games and Extensions for Google Chrome

New! World forecast crx 1.0.2 for Chrome (News & Weather Extension)

World forecast CRX 1.0.2

Editor's word: Extremely simple extension that allows to keep abreast of current weather conditions.

New! Mood Tracker crx 0.9.9 for Chrome (Lifestyle App)

Mood Tracker CRX 0.9.9

Editor's word: Track your mood and be happy.

New! Heavy Duty Parking crx 1.0 for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Heavy Duty Parking CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Park bulldozers, forklifts and other trucks in this challenging parking game.

New! Parallax Background Builder crx 0.6 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Parallax Background Builder CRX 0.6

Editor's word: Easily create live backgrounds with parallax effect for your site/site element or WordPress theme, through a simple visual editor.

New! Domain Availability Checker and Whois Lookup crx 2.4.2 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Domain Availability Checker and Whois Lookup CRX 2.4.2

Editor's word: This plugin checks a domains availability straight from your toolbar. Perfect for web designers/developers.

New! Awesome Bookmarks Button crx for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Awesome Bookmarks Button CRX

Editor's word: Awesome button to open the Chrome bookmarks in a new window or tab. If the bookmarks page is already open, that tab is selected.

New! IMG Inspector crx 1.6.1 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

IMG Inspector CRX 1.6.1

Editor's word: Transforms any page with links to images in a gallery with thumbnails and lightbox viewer. Added Links Generator.

New! Vik crx 2.6 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Vik CRX 2.6

Editor's word: Manage your traffic throw SocksProxy.

New! Pushover crx for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Pushover CRX

Editor's word: Pushover for Google Chrome, with your own key and token.

New! JapaneseEmoticons crx 1.2 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

JapaneseEmoticons CRX 1.2

Editor's word: A humongous library of excellent text-based emojis just a click away.