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Updated! MAL-Sync crx 0.2.14 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

MAL-Sync CRX 0.2.14

Editor's word: Integrates MyAnimeList into various sites, with auto episode tracking..

Updated! Scheduler crx 57 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Scheduler CRX 57

Editor's word: Makes out a yearly schedule for up to 27 on call doctors. Prevents back to back weekend and weekday assignments..

Updated! LipSurf crx 1.4.1 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

LipSurf CRX 1.4.1

Editor's word: Control the browser with your voice. Great for browsing while you eat or your hands are busy..

Updated! Roll20 Enhancement Suite crx 1.7.4 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Roll20 Enhancement Suite CRX 1.7.4

Editor's word: aka R20ES. Provides quality-of-life and workflow speed improvements to Roll20..

Updated! Unwanted Twitch crx 18.11.17 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Unwanted Twitch CRX 18.11.17

Editor's word: Hide unwanted streams, games, categories, channels and tags on:

Updated! Mabl Trainer crx 1.8.15 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Mabl Trainer CRX 1.8.15

Editor's word: This extension allows a user to train mabl on how to test your web applications user flows..