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Pinterest Sort for Chrome

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Tech Specs

  • • Type: Browser Extension
  • • Latest Version: 1.4.55
  • • Price: Freeware
  • • Offline: No
  • • Developer: RDevSolutions

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  • • Updated: January 22, 2018

Pinterest Sort is a free Social & Communication Extension for Chrome. You could download the latest version crx file or old version crx files and install it.

More About Pinterest Sort

A one-of-a-kind tool that automagically sorts boards and more.

Just remember, our goal is less clutter and more pinning.

***Note: I do not offer a "Premium" version. There is but only one "Pinterest Sort" available. Thanks!

- Sort Boards.
-- Collapse Boards, Sort preview, and Save and Sort.
-- Sort Board Sections
- Groups and Auto-Groups.
-- Auto groups uses hyphenated board names to create quick groups, ex. Subject-Name.

Install Instructions:
1) Close all pinterest tabs.
2) Restart browser.
3) That's it.


- If you have any problems please submit a report.

- What's with URL Patterns error? These patterns determine when a user is on Pinterest and if so loads scripts. This improves browser performance.

*Updates Log:
v1.4.55 - Improves the sort and save functionality and should ensure the button will be accessible to all users. It's incomplete as groups will not work correctly unless the action button is pressed fist (this will retrieve the boards object). Update will be coming soon to fix this.
v1.4.54 - Fixed issue with Pinterest Sort action button not appearing for business account in upper right corner.
v1.4.53 - Added onscreen popup...this should help with page detection and simplify the code. Tested and appears to be working well...fingers crossed.
v1.4.52 - Added time delay to improve page detection functionality.
v1.4.51 - Fixed typo in page detection logic.
v1.4.50 - Added Board Sections Sorting. Improved sidebar menu dropdown. Refactored some css in popup js. Worked on popup logic for determining view to display with page detection.
v1.4.49 - Major changes to board groups. Lots of decluttering and refactoring. Updates to the UI. Progress spinner for save and sort boards updated. Prev size 242kb now around 101kb, plus improved performance.
v1.4.48 - Needed to update build script due to refactoring. Save and sort should work now.
v1.4.47 - Refactor logic. Added improved save and sort logic.
v1.4.46 - Refactored code logic. Fixed issues with Sort Preview and Sidebar groups.
v1.4.45 - Added - Australia and Chile (.cl) domains to the manifest.
v1.4.44 - Added portugal domain to manifest. Updated logic for filter boards.
v1.4.43 - Updated logic dynamic popup to show options on board profile.
v1.4.42 - Added mexico, new zealand, and austria domains to the manifest.
v1.4.41 - Added france, ireland, and switzerland domains to the manifest.
v1.4.40 - Added japan pinterest domain to the manifest.
v1.4.39 - Added denmark pinterest domain to the manifest.
v1.4.38 - Removed "tabs" permission for browser history. Testing did not show that this permission was needed. I thought this solved an issue with dynamic popup, but I think I was wrong.
v1.4.37 - Added *.ca domains to the manifest. Added donate option (Donations will be used to help fund further development).
v1.4.36 - Added links to the bottom of the popup in the event that the dynamic popup fails then the user can make a selection. This should only be used as a work around for users that can't get it to work.
v1.4.35 - Had to add back the "browser history" permission used for tabs to fix issue with dynamic popup. This is needed to verify to check the tabs url if the popup is opened before the tab. Should improve functionality.
v1.4.34 - Removed unneeded browser history permission, and updated logic for dynamic popup displaying open pinterest options.
v1.4.33 - Huge update to dynamic popup logic. I think it should work much better now. It's been redone.
v1.4.32 - Updated logic for dynamic popup to reduce issues with Unknown URL Pattern. Please make sure to report the url pattern if it does not match one of the following:

- Updated manifest with new pattern for domains.
- Updated to hide sharing buttons, Added override for when unable to determine view (we'll see if this helps), and updated sorting pins logic.
- Updated dynamic logic to determine issues with tabs and page not fully loaded. Should reduce the number of "Aww Shucks" messages and help resolve these issues. Made collapse boards auto scroll to load all boards before collapsing.
- Updated Collapse Boards logic. Should be working correctly now.
- Updated 'Aww Shucks' error message to display error messages with more meaning to help resolve problems.
- Updated logic for "Groups" and "Board Filter Search". "Groups" feature will still need some improvements. Removed "Pin Sort" feature, as it will not work with the recent changes to Pinterest (There's not a good way to implement this at the moment).
- Updated logic for "Sort Preview" and "Collapse". The feature for sorting pins will be updated in the next release.
- Added to manifest (more may be needed in the future).
- Patches to popup window breaking due to pinterest ui updates.
- Added logic for Collapse Toggle to display error message if DOM elements are not found on page.
- Temp patched manual sort boards to work with both personal and business type accounts.
- Added new feature to filter boards displayed by keyword.
- Visual Tweaks to Progress Spinner for Sort and Save Boards feature.
- Sort and Save functionality fixes (added informative progress spinner).
- Improving sort and save functionality (a little slower, but more reliable).
- Fixing issue with Sort's working great again!!!
- Fixed issue with Collapse Boards, for easy manual sorting...more to come.
- Improved Sorting Pins functionality. Adjustments made to collapse boards due to pinterest UI update.
- Fixed style issue resulting in columns shifting into a 3 column layout.
- Fixed "Save and Sort Boards" bug resulting in boards not saving on pinterest. If this does not work for you then please use the workaround under the support tab for the time being.
- Scrolling down page is no longer required for "Sort and Save". Fixed issue with push and pull from chrome. Added Auto-Scroll Functionality for other boards. Cleared some of the older logs.
- Updates to groups ui. Added Save to chrome, pull from chrome to make groups persistent across chrome. Made buttons in the header context specfic.
- Bug fix for sorting pins and sorting others boards.
- Changed tab query technique to address issues when popup is not communicating with pinterest tab.
- Correction needed in manifest.
- Added auto scroll when sort and saving boards. Added auto scrolling when syncing boards. Improved UI for deleting groups. No longer disabling the extension, content scripts only loaded when needed. Changed version system to X.X.X, improved build process. Warning: Groups are not synced yet, if browser history is cleared groups may be lost.

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