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GoNintendo crx 1.0.3 for Chrome New!


About: The Official Chrome Extension of

HealthGuard crx 4.3.0 for Chrome


About: HealthGuard's ratings help users know which health news and medical information websites to trust....

Weather by Tim crx 6.0.12 for Chrome

Weather by Tim

About: The best way to see the Weather Forecast right in your browser. Easier than looking outside!...

TrustServista crx 1.9 for Chrome


About: Verify the trustworthiness of any news article with one click!...

FeedBundle crx 1.6.0 for Chrome


About: Make your own collection of feeds, organize and read it with FeedBundle....

Weather Forecast crx 0.5.6 for Chrome

Weather Forecast

About: Provides local and long-range weather forecasts using Weather Underground...

The Factual crx 7.1.9 for Chrome

The Factual

About: Get smarter about the news you read...

JW Daily Scripture crx 1.5.6 for Chrome

JW Daily Scripture

About: The JW Daily Scripture, available in your toolbar...

LOVE-G RSS Reader crx 2.1.7 for Chrome


About: Simple RSS reader...

OMG Ubuntu crx 3.2.3 for Chrome

OMG Ubuntu

About: The official OMG! Ubuntu! extension...