Best Rated Lifestyle Apps for Chrome or Chromium (Top Rated)

Updated: December 6, 2023

Top Rated in Lifestyle Apps for Chrome or Chromium browser

Planner 5D crx for Chrome

Planner 5D

About: Service for creating stunning floor plans and interior designs without any special skills...

BodBot crx 4.62 for Chrome


About: Personalized Workouts for any Fitness Goal...

Bible crx for Chrome


About: The Best Online Bible App for Reading, Listening to, & Sharing the Bible at home or work. 100s of Bible Languages - free!...

Google Finance crx 1.3 for Chrome

Google Finance

About: Financial news, quotes, charts, and more...

Amazon Windowshop crx for Chrome

Amazon Windowshop

About: The Amazon Windowshop App is an interactive new way to shop Amazon's millions of items...

Astrologized crx for Chrome


About: Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, Moneyscopes, Chakras, Astrological Profiles, Biorhythms...

Knok | Family Travel crx 4.0 for Chrome

Knok | Family Travel

About: Knok is a network of trusted families, who let each other stay at our beautiful homes when we're not there...

Gojee Food crx 4.0 for Chrome

Gojee Food

About: Looking for inspiration? Find recipes from the world's best food writers with ingredients you have at home...

On The Go Map crx for Chrome

On The Go Map

About: Map a run, walk, or ride and save in Google Drive. View elevation profiles, share with friends, embed in a website or blog...

Lose It! crx 4.0 for Chrome

Lose It!

About: Weight loss that fits...

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