Monthly Archives: November 2018

New! Ninja Prediction crx 0.2.6 for Chrome (Sports Extension)

Ninja Prediction CRX 0.2.6

Editor's word: Ninja: Predict tomorrow’s news to win crypto..

New! Clean Guru crx 1.0.2 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Clean Guru CRX 1.0.2

Editor's word: Best way to clean cache and browsing data from Chrome browser!.

Updated! Agile Tulip crx 1.8.0 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Agile Tulip CRX 1.8.0

Editor's word: Tulipize the Agile way: show request comments, counter for requests awaiting your approval, delegated rights highlight, etc.

Updated! Free PDF Complete/Sign/Collaborate & Email crx 5.4 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Free PDF Complete/Sign/Collaborate & Email CRX 5.4

Editor's word: Award winning PDF Filler. Open any PDF in browser and click this extension to edit and sign it..

Updated! - Web Scraping crx 39 for Chrome (Productivity App) - Web Scraping CRX 39

Editor's word: Scrape data from websites like prices, views, counts, ... and add to your spreadsheet. Web scraping has never been easier..