Monthly Archives: June 2018

New! Hit Or Knit crx 1.4 for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Hit Or Knit CRX 1.4

Editor's word: Prevent the kitten from having to wear a sweater by shooting balls of yarn!.

New! YouFolders crx 1.0.1 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

YouFolders CRX 1.0.1

Editor's word: YouFolders is a YouTube subscription organizer where you group your subscriptions into custom folders..

New! Google Search Filter by Period crx 0.1.3 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Google Search Filter by Period CRX 0.1.3

Editor's word: Filters Google search results by specified period.

New! Page Scroller crx 0.1.1 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Page Scroller CRX 0.1.1

Editor's word: Adds Scroll function to your mouse..

New! YouTube Progress in Tab crx 0.3 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

YouTube Progress in Tab CRX 0.3

Editor's word: Shows the progress of the video as a bar in the tab by changing the favicon. It also shows if the video is playing or is paused.

New! Promoted Tweet Blocker crx 1.0 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

Promoted Tweet Blocker CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Blocks all promoted content from twitter feed..

New! Type Helper plus crx 0.1.3 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Type Helper plus CRX 0.1.3

Editor's word: Auto-Complete with Shift Key + Any Alphabet.