Monthly Archives: May 2018

New! Cloud VPN crx 1.1 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Cloud VPN CRX 1.1

Editor's word: The easy to use Cloud VPN means unlimited traffic at high speed.

New! Boston Red Sox MLB Themes crx 0.0.9 for Chrome (Photos Extension)

Boston Red Sox MLB Themes CRX 0.0.9

Editor's word: Get a Better Looking Browser With Boston Red Sox MLB Themes Extension.

New! Twitter Screenshots crx 2.0 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Twitter Screenshots CRX 2.0

Editor's word: Easily capture beautiful, high-resolution screenshot images of Tweets right inside the Twitter website.

Updated! Qikipedia crx 0.1.1 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Qikipedia CRX 0.1.1

Editor's word: Brings Wikipedia anywhere on the web. Highlight text to see its Wikipedia summary..

Updated! Block Site crx 0.1.8 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Block Site CRX 0.1.8

Editor's word: Easily block websites of your choice!.