Monthly Archives: May 2018

New! Boston Red Sox MLB Themes crx 0.0.9 for Chrome (Photos Extension)

Boston Red Sox MLB Themes CRX 0.0.9

Editor's word: Get a Better Looking Browser With Boston Red Sox MLB Themes Extension.

New! Twitter Screenshots crx 2.0 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Twitter Screenshots CRX 2.0

Editor's word: Easily capture beautiful, high-resolution screenshot images of Tweets right inside the Twitter website.

Updated! Qikipedia crx 0.1.1 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Qikipedia CRX 0.1.1

Editor's word: Brings Wikipedia anywhere on the web. Highlight text to see its Wikipedia summary..

Updated! Block Site crx 0.1.8 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Block Site CRX 0.1.8

Editor's word: Easily block websites of your choice!.

Updated! Hey Beter crx 2.1.7 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Hey Beter CRX 2.1.7

Editor's word: Replaces half of those regular old Bs with the B emoji..

Updated! Priorities for Trello crx 2.1 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Priorities for Trello CRX 2.1

Editor's word: Adapted from 'Combined Points for Trello' extension (see