Monthly Archives: April 2018

Updated! YouTube Night Mode crx for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

YouTube Night Mode CRX

Editor's word: We bring to you a very beautiful YouTube Dark Mode. This is a modern design of dark mode for YouTube..

Updated! PhishProtect crx 1.18 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

PhishProtect CRX 1.18

Editor's word: PhishProtect provides zero-day phishing prevention powered by AI & Computer Vision.

Updated! YouTube Stop Button crx 0.1.4 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

YouTube Stop Button CRX 0.1.4

Editor's word: Adds an stop button to HTML5 player to prevent YouTube from buffering video.

Updated! Music Storm crx 0.1.4 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Music Storm CRX 0.1.4

Editor's word: With Music Storm, you can visualize any tab. YouTube, SoundCloud, GoogleMusic - it works everywhere. Just click on Storm and done..

Updated! Guzinta Math: Ratio Tables crx 5.0.4 for Chrome (Education App)

Guzinta Math: Ratio Tables CRX 5.0.4

Editor's word: Math lesson app for for teaching ratio tables and rates. Video instruction, worked examples, guided practice, and instructor notes..