Monthly Archives: March 2018

New! Let Us Goggle That For You crx 0.1 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Let Us Goggle That For You CRX 0.1

Editor's word: This extension adds a button to Google searches for you to refer to LUGTFY.

New! Flickr New Tab crx 1.0 for Chrome (Photos Extension)

Flickr New Tab CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Load the new tab page with a photo from Flickr Stream. You can choose the type of photos that you want to see..

New! ResumeTube crx 1.0.7 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

ResumeTube CRX 1.0.7

Editor's word: Keep and Resume YouTube videos with a click..

New! Rainvid Video Bookmarking crx 1.7 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

Rainvid Video Bookmarking CRX 1.7

Editor's word: Rainvid allows you to bookmark videos from the web into your own lists.

Updated! Enoron crx 2.20.3 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Enoron CRX 2.20.3

Editor's word: Complete management solution for lawyers and law firms..

Updated! 9gag Night Mode crx 1.3.6 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

9gag Night Mode CRX 1.3.6

Editor's word: Night mode for the 9gag website!.

Updated! 7返利 crx 4.2.5 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

7返利 CRX 4.2.5

Editor's word: 7返利,返利如此简单!.