Monthly Archives: February 2018

Updated! Bring Google View Image Back crx 0.0.4 for Chrome (Search Tools Extension)

Bring Google View Image Back CRX 0.0.4

Editor's word: This extension brings the view image button back in google image search results.

Updated! Classroom Plus crx 2.4.4 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Classroom Plus CRX 2.4.4

Editor's word: Create your own assignments on Google Classroom..

Updated! Stravissimo for Strava crx 6.0.1 Stable for Chrome (Sports Extension)

Stravissimo for Strava CRX 6.0.1 Stable

Editor's word: Stravissimo - fork of StravistiX, an opensource web plugin which analyse deeper your activities and segments efforts !.

Updated! Password Depot crx 11.0.3 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Password Depot CRX 11.0.3

Editor's word: Interface to the Password Depot application..