Monthly Archives: December 2017

New! Joy Trigger by Thrive Global crx 1.0.2 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Joy Trigger by Thrive Global CRX 1.0.2

Editor's word: Bring more joy, well-being, and productivity into your life with animal GIFS and actionable tips in each new tab..

New! Dormitory Remover crx 1.0 for Chrome (Search Tools Extension) Dormitory Remover CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Remove dormitorys and other shared accommodation from searches.

New! Graphite crx 0.99.4 for Chrome (Theme)

Graphite CRX 0.99.4

Editor's word: Modern. Gray. Simple..

New! Evorch bookmarks crx 1.2.2 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

Evorch bookmarks CRX 1.2.2

Editor's word: Cloud storage service of visual bookmarks.

New! crx 1.4.3 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension) CRX 1.4.3

Editor's word: Share screenshots with your friends all over the world for free!.

New! Comodo SecureTab - IceDragon crx 1.0 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Comodo SecureTab - IceDragon CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Comodo SecureTab helps you to run IceDragon for safe browsing as you open a new tab.