Monthly Archives: November 2017

Updated! GouQi crx 8.6 for Chrome (Accessibility Extension)

GouQi CRX 8.6

Editor's word: The simple and smart network accelerator baseon redxing(hongxing), bypass blocked websites..

Updated! Spirals - New Tab crx 2.1.0 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Spirals - New Tab CRX 2.1.0

Editor's word: New Tab page with animated background and the weather forecast.

Updated! Finch Developer Tools crx 0.1.5 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Finch Developer Tools CRX 0.1.5

Editor's word: Save, version and share Chrome DevTools Styles changes.

Updated! Neon Pool Table crx 2 for Chrome (Theme)

Neon Pool Table CRX 2

Editor's word: A cinema 4d Project I made. Hope You Enjoy!.

Updated! Grrd's Dice crx 3.1 for Chrome (Board & Card Game)

Grrd's Dice CRX 3.1

Editor's word: grrd’s Dice is a 3D Dice Roller app and a Yahtzee game for one to five players. grrd's Dice is free, no ads, no in-app purchases..

Updated! grrd's 4 in a Row crx 6.1 for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

grrd's 4 in a Row CRX 6.1

Editor's word: grrd’s 4 in a Row is a connect-4 game for one or two players. grrd's 4 in a Row is free, no ads, no in-app purchases..