Monthly Archives: September 2017

New! Winter crx 1 for Chrome (Theme)

Winter CRX 1

Editor's word: A Vector Style Winter Theme for Google Chrome..

New! Deep Wild Sea crx 1.0 for Chrome (Theme)

Deep Wild Sea CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Deep blue sea with beautiful great white shark. Very swift, silent, and deadly water monster at work at the bottom of the ocean.….

New! Footprints in the Sand crx 1.0 for Chrome (Theme)

Footprints in the Sand CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Please read description..

New! QR BarCode Generator crx for Chrome (Business Tools App)

QR BarCode Generator CRX

Editor's word: Generate QR Barcode for your mobile URL or any other information..

New! Beach in the Maldives crx 1 for Chrome (Theme)

Beach in the Maldives CRX 1

Editor's word: Theme for Google Chrome, suitable for screens up to 1920x1080p resolution -16:9. Beach in the Maldives. Tema za google chrome,….

New! Bunny crx 1 for Chrome (Theme)

Bunny CRX 1

Editor's word: Supported Resolution:1920x1080.