Monthly Archives: May 2017

Updated! SdbNavigator crx 2.0.8 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

SdbNavigator CRX 2.0.8

Editor's word: SdbNavigator is a free and open source Amazon SimpleDB Administration Interface. More info on

Updated! Dark Mode crx 0.1.9 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Dark Mode CRX 0.1.9

Editor's word: A global dark theme for the web.

Updated! Web Media Center crx 1.3 for Chrome (Entertainment App)

Web Media Center CRX 1.3

Editor's word: A set of free web applications for playing, processing, editing and creation of multimedia content..

Updated! SoundTouch Chrome Extension crx 1.3.6 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

SoundTouch Chrome Extension CRX 1.3.6

Editor's word: The extension Chrome Extension SoundTouch will enable all the people connected to your network to control your Bose speaker..

Updated! Pirateer crx 0.7.1 for Chrome (Search Tools Extension)

Pirateer CRX 0.7.1

Editor's word: Pirateer is a Chrome Extension that adds IMDb ratings to TV shows and movies on The Pirate Bay.

Updated! Bing Wallpaper for Google homepage crx 2.4.17 for Chrome (Photos Extension)

Bing Wallpaper for Google homepage CRX 2.4.17

Editor's word: Google Search Page and New Tab Page with Daily iBing Wallpaper HD.

Updated! StaticShot crx 1.10.11 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

StaticShot CRX 1.10.11

Editor's word: Capture pages, edit and upload images to

Updated! Flash Control crx 0.2 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Flash Control CRX 0.2

Editor's word: Flash control app helps you block adobe flash player files in any webpage you open, thus saving you tons of data.

Updated! Popup Blocker crx 2 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Popup Blocker CRX 2

Editor's word: Popup blocker is a very simple web app to block all the annoying javascript based popup and pop under ads..