Monthly Archives: February 2017

New! Calm Winter crx 1.0 for Chrome (Theme)

Calm Winter CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Now you can have gorgeous soothing view of the snow on your Chrome, to feel even more the chilly.

Updated! ? Slither Friends - by Creators of crx 0.9.5 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

? Slither Friends - by Creators of CRX 0.9.5

Editor's word: Play with friends by sharing short id's, design your own custom skins, use custom antennas, etc.

New! Email Exporter crx 1.2 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Email Exporter CRX 1.2

Editor's word: Extract all email addresses and phone numbers in a web page.

New! Tiny Suspender crx 1.3.0 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Tiny Suspender CRX 1.3.0

Editor's word: Unload / suspend / hibernate idle tabs to reduce memory and cpu usage.

Updated! Clipper crx 1.3.3 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

Clipper CRX 1.3.3

Editor's word: Share a common clipboard between all your devices, through this Google Chrome extension.

Updated! English to Bengali Dictionary | BDWord crx 8.0 for Chrome (Productivity Extension)

English to Bengali Dictionary | BDWord CRX 8.0

Editor's word: English to Bengali's Chrome extension. Double click on any unknown word in any website you get instant meaning.